Payment module CMPM

We handle the payments to your event without all the trouble.

Receive card payments without the hassle

Would you like to save the trouble by setting up the many agreements with payment vendors, redemption agreement with foreign card companies, setting up a special bank account for payments, etc. – and not least, saving large amounts to the providers, which amount to several thousand dollars a year + card fees.

If you ask us to handle the card payment for your event, we enter into a payment transfer agreement, we accept the payment for your event and monthly we will settle your payments in conjunction with a settlement bill for you. Received payments are updated directly in Conference Manager, where you can see if the payment has been made. Repayments to customers, are always made by you directly- we can not handle it!

For this service you pay 1.6% of the amount charged, but min. 6 DKK + card-company’s normal fee (which varies between 2.75% and 5.75% depending on the card type and country). Our fee is ex VAT.

When you use our payment system, you can accept payment with the following card:
Dankort, VISA/Dankort, MasterCard, VISA, Maestro, VISA Electron, JCB, UnionPay


For example, you charge DKK 500 for your event, you pay the following to use our payment module: 500 * 0.016 = 8 DKK ex. VAT. Do you have for example 120 participants at your event will be the total cost of payment DKK 960, – ex VAT.

Payments are paid monthly + 30 days along with a specification of payments paid. Before we pay the amount to you, we deduct our card and card payment fee.

There are no creation fees. You pay no monthly or annual fee, and only pay when you use the system.

If you wish to receive payment, simply activate the payment module in Conference Manager.

Conditions of purchase

Additional purchased modules apply one year from date of purchase and are renewed automatically. There are 3 months termination for a period expiration. At the Conference Manager year license, the module covers all the events and licenses of the company in question. In case of individual events, the module applies only to the event in question and no more than one year. Modules that can not be accessed due to cancelled Conference Manager subscription are not refundable.

Please note our prices are excluding VAT

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