Seat selector

Seat selector allows your participants to select a specific seat, prior to the event.

Conference Manager’s registration system is constantly expanding according to the needs of our users. We therefore introduce Seat selector, which allows you to make a visual layout of the seats for your event. There is no need for coding or similar techniques. The system is user-friendly and easy to get started with.

Seat selector allows your participants to select a specific place, prior to the event. In Seat selector, you can quickly draw and customize great site views, providing your participants with a graphic presentation of the location for your event. You can specify tables, chairs or exhibition stands.

When your participants register, it is possible for them to choose a specific seat for the event. They can also rebook the seat afterwards. If a participant cancels his/her registration, the seat will be released again so that a new participant can choose it. You also have the opportunity to give your seats different categories by color and name specification.

There are many good reasons to use Seat selector

Ability to draw and add beautiful and effective overviews of the venue without knowledge of coding.

Your overview is automatically integrated with your event in Conference Manager.

You optimize space utilization at your venue.

You can handle available seats for each event and secure real-time updates to avoid overbooking.

Seat selector is an external service, provided by our partner
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