A domain for your event

You can replace the Conference Manager URL with your very own domain.

The possibilities for exploiting this are many – and therefore you can here read more how the technical options are in the two different solutions.

For a single event

Do you already own a domain name e.g. your-event.com, which you would like to use for your single event, you can inform Conference Manager, and at the same time point to your domain via an IP address, which is provided by us. You can also use subdomains e.g. your-event.yourcompany.com

With this solution, you choose one domain name or subdomain and point it to Conference Manager’s IP address. During the term of the event, you can only use it for this one event.

All your events

If you wish to use a domain for all your events, this can also be done. To separate the events, use a unique event name, which substitutes the domain name – for example. madkongressen.dk/2015 or madkongressen.dk/Odense. The possibilities are many.

The technique

We take care of the set-up in Conference Manager – just let us know which of the two models you want to use.

If you already own the domain, your technician must create a so-called a-record of the IP address, you receive from Conference Manager.

If you do not already own the domain, Conference Manager can help you with all the techniques. Once you’ve determined which domain name you want, we can order it in your name and set up all the technical aspects.

If we do this for you, the cost is 800 DKK. for the purchase of the domain name and our technical support.


All entries in Conference Manager are collected under a so-called SSL/TLS certificate. This means that a special certificate must be issued for your signup website. This is the only way to protect the personal data and guarantee end to end data security. The certificate is issued in your name and is associated with your domain name.

We manage to have your domain secured with an SSL certificate issued through Let’s Encrypt. , If you want to use a certificate from a particular provider, please contact us for further information.

Let our support contact you!

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