Emma Kjeldsteen Nørgaard


Why Conference Manager?

“I already knew the event planning system from my previous work, and had used it – as a customer. I was very pleased to work with the system, and at the same time, my impression of Conference Manager as a company was positive. It was clear to me, that I would thrive at Conference Manager, and constantly develop my skills.”

What is your greatest contribution in 2018?

“I started at Conference Manager in 2018, and so much has happened since. Both my daily tasks and the system itself has grown tremendously. I have great memories of the first large development assignment, which I participated in from A to Z. it was a great experience to visit the customer, and discuss their specific needs. Subsequently we defined what needed to be developed, and lastly we ended up with a new function in the system, which could help the customers and their event planning.”

Which challenges are you looking forward to?

“I look forward to work even more with some of our customers from large companies. Both new ones and those who have been with us for years. Large companies often have some more complex challenges and requirement, where the implementation of an IT system such as Conference Manager requires a different process.”

What does a typical day look like?

“My days are very different. I have days, where I am in the office all day, and days where I am outside the office. On a regular day, I am at the office around 8-9 o’clock. I always start the day by checking my email, and catching up on tasks from the day before. At 9 o’clock the support opens. Some days are super busy with many calls from customers, who need our help, and other days are more quit, and gives me time to work focused on other tasks, such as material for our sale site, enquiries from customers, preparing presentations etc.”

What is your educational background?

“I finished my Master’s degree in Social work, in the summer 2017 from Aalborg University, and started as a consultant within the employment area, at a company where I had worked as a student. Through my time of study, I have worked with, and appreciated tasks within service- and administration. I love when the things that I do, can have a direct positive influence on others work.

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